Jun Yang

Abstract artist based San Francisco, Seoul and Europe

Jun Yang

Month: January 2017

Fragments .4

Acrylic, Oil, Ink, Graphite and Neon on Canvas and Wood. 35×25″ Original Painting This body of work refracts an abstract form of language, perception, understanding meaning, cummunication errors, dealing with text…

Abstract Language .1

    This work is influenced by Nouveau Realisme, Minimalism, pop art, and balance of spontaneity and control. color blue represents sky and the ocean and black evokes strong emotions represents grieving, mystery and unknown. 18″x24″ Acylics, Pencil, Oil Pastel, and Mixed Media on Wood  

Olbers’ Paradox

I painted this piece to show how abstract art , astronomy, and the universe is inner related I was especially inspired by German astronomer Olber’s who suggested “dark night sky pardox” 32″x54″ Acrylic, Mixed Media On Wood  

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