Jun Yang

Abstract artist based San Francisco, Seoul and Europe


Jun Yang is a young multi-international artist who has lived on three continents and in nine countries over the past ten years. The diversity of influences in his life and work include contemporary pop art, European high fashion, mid century American expressionism, and global hiphop culture. Jun’s work captures emotion and refracts it through space and color to create pieces which speak to viewers in a universal way, transcending the need for a common language.An expression of Introspection disguised as feral Escapism, the work stands without explanation. The artist’s communication is incomplete until the viewers’ contribute their own context to the conversation.


Art/Music In A Different Light, art fundraiser benefiting De Young Museum College Arts program, 111 Mina Gallery, San Francisco, March 17th, 2017

The Mosser Hotel Art-in-Neighborhoods Exhibition, 54 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, Exhibition Dates: ┬áMarch 8 – June 7, 2017

Dadaism inspired portrait series, DADA Gallery & Bar, Post St., San Francisco – Currently on exhibit, ┬áDecember 2016 through February 2017

Portraits of residents and staff, Maitri Compassionate Care, San Francisco -present (2014-2017)

Wells Fargo Enterprise Marketing Group Photo Shoot, San Francisco – Commissioned Artist – August 2016

“Lignes,” La Braserade, Annecy, France – Photography Solo Exhibition, January 2015,
“The Wall Off,” Space Gallery, Polk St., San Francisco – SF street art group show, March 2015


I studied Visual Design at Ho Seo University in Seoul, South Korea. Abbey College Dublin, Tourism, Dublin, Ireland. I attended Fine Art classes for City College of San Francisco. I have participated gallery exhibitions with renowned local muralists and fine artists.



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  1. Hello Juun Y,

    My name is Anahit Poturyan and I am a writer with ipaintmymind.org. I am currently writing a blog piece about you and your art. I was hoping to get a couple quotes from you to use in the article and to learn more about you and your work.

    1. Could you give me a couple words on your philosophy as an artist?
    2. What are your aspirations as an artist? Where do you see yourself next?
    3. Could you share a few words about your personal history as an artist. Where you formally trained as an artist? What are you inspired by? Are you currently working on a new series? How do you split your time between SF, NYC, Korea, and Europe? Which country in Europe are you based in? Does each country offer you a different artistic and influential energy?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Anahit Poturyan

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